Impression™ optimises each customer’s journey allowing enterprises to retain their existing clients and attract new ones through seamless omni-channel customer experiences.

Omni-channel solutions keep the customer journey as smooth and effortless as possible by providing a truly continuous customer experience across all products and platforms. This flexibility can reduce the potential for disconnections between you and your customers, improving customer satisfaction and optimising your operations. As an enterprise, you need to embrace new technology in order to make the journey of your customer as easy and smooth as possible. With Impression™, you are able to build trust with your customers by providing an efficient and reliable customer experience. Set yourself apart from the competition by being able to push documents requiring signatures directly to your customers’ devices, eliminating the need for customers to have to regularly check and maintain a virtual mailbox.

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This means customers’ documents are always at their fingertips and they can electronically sign and return the paperwork in just a few swipes of a device’s screen. This saves you, and your customers, time and money, reducing the need to sign documents in person.

All documents signed with Impression™ are safe, secure, legally recognised and comply with relevant industry regulations. Speak to us to today about our tailored solutions for your enterprise.

Omni-channel enabled customer journeys

A smooth and efficient customer journey is critical in eliminating disconnects between an organisation and its customers. Documents signed with Impression™ helps customers achieve their omni-channel aspirations through a continuous, consistent experience across products, channels and devices.


Enhances the customer journey:

Push documents directly to your customers’ devices, making them immediately available for review. With a few swipes the document is signed and sent back without any hassle. Impression™ improves operational efficiencies and enables you to close deals faster, improve service levels and enhance the customer journey.


Maintains security:

Impression™ is available on all smart devices and includes high standards of security to safeguard fraudulent activity. All digital signatures are context aware, enhanced with GPS locations, device and network identifiers and the process is tracked to provide a full audit trail.


Provides choice and flexibility:

Impression™ as a product allows you the choice and flexibility to choose whether you want to use the standalone app process or brand your own version of the app or incorporate it into your existing customer channel ecosystem and processes.


Improves communication:

Impression™ allows you to communicate directly and securely with your customers by providing a spam and phishing attack free messaging channel.

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When signed, documents (along with their data) are locked down securely using digital certificate technology that disables further editing of the document and ensures that there is no tampering.

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