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  1. For the product(s) you wish to be a subscription, enter the following into the product’s SKU as per this example:

  • MYREFERENCE can be changed to your own product reference.  Please make sure this is a single word without spaces and special characters. 
  • 3 is the frequency - how often the subscription amount should be charged. The subscription frequency can be configured using the below numbers:
    • 3 – Monthly
    • 4 – Quarterly
    • 5 – Bi-Annually
    • 6 – Annually
  • 12 is the number of cycles - how many times this subscription must run. 0 can be used for infinite cycles
  • 15000 is the recurring amount that will be charged each time the subscription runs, priced in cents (R150).

  • Optional: If you need to charge shipping costs, you can include the shipping charge in the recurring amount as follows:
    • PF-MYREF-3-12-15000-RSC
    • RSC stands for Recurring Shipping Charge. 
    • By adding RSC at the end of the SKU, the shipping charge due will be added to the recurring amount. If RSC is not included on the SKU, shipping will only be charged on the initial payment.