Electronic Signatures.
Stop wasting time and money with paper.

With modern facilities like Internet banking, online shopping and checking into your flight from home, its surprising that paper still has such prevalance in our ever-increasing digital world. As a customer and consumer, you hate being called in to complete and sign documents by hand, over and over again. As an organisation, you hate waiting for your customers to complete their documentation before you can do business with them. To make matters worse, managing and storing that physical document is expensive especially with growing legal and environmental requirements.

Close the gaping manual hole in your business processes and go green with Impression electronic document signatures.

Save it for Later.

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Read up about some of the legal requirements when signing documents electronically as well as the benefits realised and business cases encountered. The paper also covers the Impression Plugin's features and various options for implementing an electronic signature solution.


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Signature Biometric Analysis.

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