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Statement on Advanced Electronic Signatures

Impression is proud to announce that it has successfully completed a WebTrust Registration Authority audit. The letters of compliance can be found on our legal repository. It is a key stepping stone in becoming accredited with the South African Accreditation Authority (SAAA) for the issuance of Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES).

Cloud User License
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Use your smartphone, feature phone, desktop, laptop and tablet to sign anywhere, anytime.

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Socially Inclusive

Create omni-channel signature processes that are available to everyone on their own devices, including a USSD channel where lower income markets extensively use feature phones to transact. The channel is reverse billed so it comes at no additional cost to your customers.

Chain of Custody

Gather intelligence during the signature process by tracking how users interact with the documents they need to sign. All digital signatures are contextually aware, enhanced with GPS location, device and network identifiers demonstrating the chain of custody.

Own your Experience

No need to register an account with Impression nor keep our branding. Your business knows your customers the best and we allow you to craft the ultimate customer journeys by embedding signatures into your processes using our development kits instead of forcing users into our portal.

Business Friendly Pricing

You don't measure your success by the number of signatures, pages or documents you gather - neither do we. Instead we work with you to understand your business and contract towards a simple, predictable pricing model that wont hurt when the exchange rate fluctuates.

Give your business the competitive edge

Our digital document delivery and signature solutions are easily embedded into your existing web and mobile applications for a seamless, friction free customer experience across channels.

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