Developer Toolkit and Accelerators

Create an eSignature Connector

Invoke Impression services for secure document delivery and eSignature from your favourite applications using our REST based API. This is popular amongst our enterprise customers who generate documents from their line of business applications and rely on Impression to get them signed legally and efficiently. Impression manages the signature workflow and returns a secure Chain of Custody along with the document.

Embed eSignature Capabilities into your own Web or Mobile Application

No need to have your customers register an account with Impression nor leave the digital channel that they're currently interacting with you on. With our web and mobile SDKs, you can embed eSignature capabilities directly into your applications for an inline, seamless customer experience that you can make your own.

Build upon our Powerful and Secure Signature Engine

Access components on our platform that will allow you to digitally sign transactions, manage digital certificates stored on our cryptographic modules and query authentication services that are linked with credit bureaus and government departments. Platform access also gives you more control over customer interactions over the various support channels like Whatsapp and USSD.

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Serverless and Scalable

Our core engine capabilities are exposed as microservices that can be consumed by multiple tenants and scaled independently in the geography of choice. Our mature architecture secures nearly 2 million transactions a month whilst providing developers with the confidence of a reliable, predictable service.

We were invited to present our architecture at the AWS Summit in Cape Town - that presentation can be viewed here.


Impression's eSignature and workflow engine can be invoked through several REST based API calls which are documented using swagger at

For embedding signature components into your web application, we also make available some APIs that support our web SDK which are also documented using swagger at

Run in Postman

HTML5 and JavaScript

Adding eSignature components to your web or mobile application is as simple as adding includes for our .js and .css libraries and a single line of code:

<object type="text/html" id="pdfContainer" onload="loadPdfContainer($secure_guid);"></object>

Control and style all the dialogs, the document editor, the application flow and own your experience.

Mobile SDKs

In addition to native fragments and view components for Android, iOS and Windows that can be emdedded into your mobile application, we have also wrapped our technology as a Cordova plugin and a Xamarin shared project.

See how our partner Sybrin has used Impression eSignature components in their mobile application to enable customer onboarding through a selfie.