South African innovators collaborate on transport and delivery solution

When Snapcart – a digital transport aggregator – was looking to expand their business to offer a complete cloud solution for transport and delivery companies, they needed a partner that could deliver an electronic signature solution.

Snapcart allows users to place a request online or via their app for the delivery of almost any product, from an envelope to furniture and rubble, and service providers can then place bids for the transport of those goods.

In the next phase of its development, Snapcart expanded its cloud services to its service providers – the transport and courier companies – including the ability for customers to sign proof of delivery documents on smart devices through the Impression™ platform.

This made Snapcart the first company in South Africa to offer digital signature solutions on smart devices to the transport and delivery market, removing the need for unnecessary paperwork for both customers and service providers. Impression™ was seamlessly embedded into the existing Snapcart app, eliminating the need for Snapcart to spend time and money on developing their own digital signature solution.

Andrew Papastefanou, Founder of Impression Signatures, says the collaboration between Snapcart and Impression has been an inspirational journey to be a part of.

“It is fantastic to see two South African digital companies working together to develop new solutions to offer the market and we look forward to nurturing this innovative partnership,” he says.

Andre Trollip, Director of Snapcart says, “When we first heard of Impression™, we knew it was going to revolutionise the transport industry. This platform was critical in being able to offer more cloud solutions to our service providers, which has made a significant improvement to our internal processes and has delivered several benefits our customers and our service providers.”


Impression™ provided the following benefits to Snapcart and its service providers:

  • Affordability – Smart devices are relatively inexpensive, smaller and provide more functionality compared to other mobile electronic signature devices. The Impression™ app also eliminates the need for companies to spend time and money on developing their own software.
  • Cloud solutions – Electronically signed documents are immediately stored in the cloud, eliminating the possibility of signed documents being lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Security – All signed documents are encrypted, meaning tampering or fraud are virtually impossible. Impression™ also captures biometric information, such as the pressure points and curves of a unique signature, significantly decreasing the ability to forge a signature.
  • Time to market – the Impression™ app can be embedded into existing platforms, meaning companies can roll out the solution to its customers quickly.
  • Tracking and tracing – All signatures made with Impression™ provide data, such as GPS locations and delivery notifications, in order to provide a full audit trail which can reduce disputes over deliveries.