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PersonalSign Department

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Encrypt confidential emails and take advantage of two-factor authentication. Sign emails and Office documents digitally on behalf of your department in the company – e.g.

Phishing emails, scam documents and compromised passwords. In the past few years, companies have fought a seemingly never-ending battle against various forms of identity theft and email forgery. Avoid becoming a victim. Send a clear signal to customers and users that your brand will protect them even in the face of increasing levels of cyber-crime perpetuated through email.


PersonalSign Department is issued after validating an email address used on behalf of a department in a company, e.g. for email correspondence with customers, users and other stakeholders.


PersonalSign Express is a flexible and affordable solution that can be used by both individuals and businesses. With a PersonalSign Express certificate you get: 

  • Email signature and encryption 
  • Digital signatures for Microsoft Office documents 
  • Two-factor authentication


You are up and running very quickly. The PersonalSign Business certificate is an organization-validated certificate. It is issued by validating your identity as a person, your email address and the company you represent. When your PersonalSign certificate is in the process of expiring, you can easily and without any further validation renew it via the EOH Trust Service Customer Portal.